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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fleur de Lis

Nice house, but something seems to be missing. This is a job for the Dreamweavers at McMow.
To the artistic eye, inspiration can be found anywhere - even in this wrought iron porch lamp, original to the house which was built in 1925.

From an idea to a sketch, the process begins.

The bouganvilla in front is usually covered year round in deep pink/red flowers. They will return in abundance after this recent cold snap passes through. From these lovely blooms, comes the idea for the cranberry glass feature of the classic Fleur de Lis design.

After several variations on the theme are explored, a design is selected and a full size pattern for each window is drawn.

After the perfect art glass is selected for each section, all the pieces are cut by hand.

Corded glass in the border with cranberry glass and the facetted bevels combine to make a subtle and classic beauty.

Notice how the outer petals of the Fleur de Lis cut into the cranberry border adding depth and interest to the overall piece.
Each cut piece is numbered to correspond with the full size pattern and awaits assembly.
True to Nature itself, beveled glass is seldom symetrical and expert fitting is required to achieve the desired result.
Cut pieces set in lead came.

For right handed Dreamweavers, like Maria, it's customary to start at the lower left corner and fit each piece into the other from there.
After the pieces are leaded and soldered, a super secret formula cement is applied to insure stability for the life of the window.
Maria performs the final steps in this creative process, carefully removing the excess and polishing the finished piece to a gleaming sparkle. Every detail of every window undergoes the closest scrutiny in the light before leaving the production workroom.
Before installation. The window is fastened on the inside of the glass and carefully set in place with wood moulding to perfectly match the original windows of the house.
Notice the bouganvilla on the exterior reflected in the bevels. Beautiful!
After from the outside.
From the outside after dark.

A tall narrow window tucked into the side of the porch awaits installation.

From the interior, this simple beauty adds such charm. Seen from the outside after dark.

Lastly, the transom windows that frame the front porch and are most visible from the street are ready to receive the McMow magic. Curtains are taken down and the transoms carefully placed in such a way that the windows will still fully open.

And yet, to all appearances, the transoms look as if they have always been at home right here. That's excellence in design and craftsmanship.

The sheers have been rehung and this window is now finished and beautifully dressed.
After from the outside.
Voila! Merci Beaucoup Dreamweavers!
Another "Clearly Outstanding" Inspiration, Creation and Installation by the Dreamweavers at McMow Art Glass.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art in State Buildings project awarded to the Dreamweavers at McMow

Local Lake Worth Artists Awarded Arts in State Buildings Project Lake Worth, Fl –

Today, two local Lake Worth artists were awarded the Art in State Buildings Program, Lake Wales Clinic project. Shanon Materio, President and Tricia Besley, Project Manager of McMow Art Glass Inc. were awarded the project based on their stained glass designs. The windows will be installed June 2010, at the Florida Department of Health's Lake Wales Clinic in Polk County, Fl.

The one of a kind stained glass windows were designed to “bring life” to the clinic’s traditional atmosphere. Utilizing rich hand-painted and kiln-fired glass, the windows will incorporate bright colors and unique textures into two lobby areas within the clinic. Ms. Materio and Ms. Besley researched local flora and fauna as inspiration for their proposal. Flowers growing at the historic Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Fl became one highlight of their winning vision. Stylized versions of these flowers, as well as, a “canopy-like” tree concept will transform the clinic into a warm and inviting place for all who visit.

The Art in State Buildings Program serves as a way for Florida residents to experience artwork on a more personal level. State artists gain the opportunity to have their work become part of the State’s public art collection. Ms. Materio and Ms. Besley look forward to connecting with residents and clinic patients through their distinctive design.

More work done by the design team at McMow Art Glass Inc. is available at: and McMow Art Glass offers the best in stained glass windows and beveled art glass as well as beautiful designs in carved, etched and faceted glass. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida since 1976 McMow Art Glass maintains an excellent working relationship with top builders, architects and designers and regularly ships their work throughout the US, Europe and South America.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

St. John the Evangelist Chancel Windows

From first sketch through installation, follow along as the Dreamweavers from McMow Art Glass create The Holy Spirit Chancel windows for St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in West Boca Raton. Church leaders requested an uplifting image to evoke the presence of God as Life. The Church is under construction and is expected to be completed this Summer.

Special thanks to Ruben Rodriguez and Jurgen Grauer for capturing the installation images from the fifty feet high scaffolding.

Filigree Lantern Restoration

Repairing important and valuable pieces of art glass is a specialty at McMow. This amazing filigree and stained glass latern recently came to the Dreamweavers for repair and restoration. Several glass panels had been cracked or broken and the filigree itself was damaged in a few critical places.

What an opportunity to see this incredibly well crafted piece from the inside.

Dreamweaver Phil Materio pays careful attention to every detail. All finished and ready to be returned to a very happy client.