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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Art in State Buildings project awarded to the Dreamweavers at McMow

Local Lake Worth Artists Awarded Arts in State Buildings Project Lake Worth, Fl –

Today, two local Lake Worth artists were awarded the Art in State Buildings Program, Lake Wales Clinic project. Shanon Materio, President and Tricia Besley, Project Manager of McMow Art Glass Inc. were awarded the project based on their stained glass designs. The windows will be installed June 2010, at the Florida Department of Health's Lake Wales Clinic in Polk County, Fl.

The one of a kind stained glass windows were designed to “bring life” to the clinic’s traditional atmosphere. Utilizing rich hand-painted and kiln-fired glass, the windows will incorporate bright colors and unique textures into two lobby areas within the clinic. Ms. Materio and Ms. Besley researched local flora and fauna as inspiration for their proposal. Flowers growing at the historic Bok Tower Gardens in Lake Wales, Fl became one highlight of their winning vision. Stylized versions of these flowers, as well as, a “canopy-like” tree concept will transform the clinic into a warm and inviting place for all who visit.

The Art in State Buildings Program serves as a way for Florida residents to experience artwork on a more personal level. State artists gain the opportunity to have their work become part of the State’s public art collection. Ms. Materio and Ms. Besley look forward to connecting with residents and clinic patients through their distinctive design.

More work done by the design team at McMow Art Glass Inc. is available at: and McMow Art Glass offers the best in stained glass windows and beveled art glass as well as beautiful designs in carved, etched and faceted glass. Located in Palm Beach County, Florida since 1976 McMow Art Glass maintains an excellent working relationship with top builders, architects and designers and regularly ships their work throughout the US, Europe and South America.

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Jeff Clemens
Congrats! You are awesome.

Sandie Davis
That is so great, way to go!!!

Karri Casper
You are a blessing to our community.

John A. Rinaldi
Well done. You guys do some really beautiful work.We are so proud to have you in Lake Worth.

Maryanne Webber
You are awesome! Lake Worth should be very proud to have you as a part of its community. I know I am!
Thank you for all you do!

Bob Lepa
Hey Good for you! It's great to be recognized for a job well done!

Kristina Poltrock Yang