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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. Teresa

From this picture of St. Teresa, the "Little Flower", the Dreamweavers at McMow Art Glass draw inspiration to create a "rose window" centerpiece.
Following client approval, a full size sketch is drawn and stained glass is selected.
A full size pattern is prepared for the next step - glass cutting.
After all the pieces are cut, they are relaid to insure accuracy before the painting and assembly are begun.
This shows a close-up of the pieces to be painted.
And after.
At this point, a decision was made to change the color of the glass in the border from red and dark blue to . . .
. . . to gold and red.
The pieces have all been camed in lead and is now ready for cementing.
When the piece is fully completed, the last step is always a close inspection before delivery to our client.

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