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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


 our 2011 Glass as Art Contest Winners!

Pattern Adaptation:
3rd: “Face” by Ted Albert
2nd: “Frolicking Dolphins” by Violet Veigara
1st: “Having Fun” by Carmello Lauria

Original Design:
3rd: “Fairy” by Violet Veigara
2nd: “Beverly’s Garden” by Mel DeStio
1st: “The Spirit Never Dies” by Sharyn Luke

3rd: “Vida Ardiente” by Katherine Martin
2nd: “Church” by Everett Conklin
1st: “Tall Lady” by Sidney Eskowitz

3rd: “Friends Faces” by Irene Jalwayski
2nd: “Noah’s Ark” by Joan Abell
1st: “Sushi Plate” by Kim Vaughn

3rd: “Mosaic Cart” by Ruth Henao
2nd: “Whispering Palm” by Jan Banning
1st: “Pledge Allegiance” by Debra Zimmerman

3rd: “Kabbalah Casting” by Barbara Schwartz
2nd: “2 Pink Roses” by Faith Morreale
1st: “Castila” by Dan Droney.

Shanon’s Pick: “Eye of the Tiger” by Trevor Downes

Phil’s Pick: “Fish Eye” by Everett Conklin

Employee Pick: “African Grey” by Stan Sands

Best in Show: “Lady in Frame” by Sydney Eskowitz

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