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Thursday, December 29, 2011

What a gift - Glass Blowing with the WHOLE Family!

A special thanks to Rick Eggert for an absolutely incredible experience. This past holiday weekend the entire Materio clan took glass blowing lessons. Ranging in age from 18-60 we all had a blast. The class is geared towards teaching you the process and ensuring you end up with a beautiful finished product. We made bowls, paper weights...and some interesting abstract pieces! I would encourage everyone to take advantage of Rick's incredible teaching technique...and affordable class prices. Check out his work and contact him at

....and now for some pics of us in action...thanks Mom and Dad for the amazing Christmas gift!!!!

  Jensky in action - her bowl had hues of purple and pink
Shaping the molten glass - can you feel the heat?!?!

  Mama Materio was next up

 Val - expanding the lip of the bowl. Her piece included red, orange and yellow.

 Mr. Spinelli took his piece to the next level - can't wait to see the finished product!

 Papa Materio created a stunner with white and blue.

Goooo PJ - looking cool dude!!!
Shaping his black, white and cobalt paper weight.

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