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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Beginners Class of Dreamweavers

We are privileged to follow the newest Beginners Class of Dreamweavers from beginning to end. Over the course of five weeks, each of these new Dreamweavers learn the secrets of transforming light and color in the art of stained glass. Special Thanks to Dreamweaver Instructor Natalie Goff and to Dreamweavers Michel, Ann Marie, Rich, Carolyn, Denise, Norma and Leah for allowing us to accompany them on the amazing journey they have begun.

In Week Four,The Beginners Class of Dreamweavers has moved their projects onto the big light tables at McMow. Here they will complete all the foiling and soldering. Next week we will get to see each and every one of these finished and beautiful pieces.
Week Four

Now in Week Three of the Beginners Class, the Dreamweavers advance their individual projects. Most of the cutting and grinding has been completed and some have begun the foiling application. Next week, soldering.
Week Three

The latest Beginners Class at McMow began on Saturday, January 9th. In that class, all the Dreamweavers created their own Butterfly and in the process learned the fundamental techniques of cutting, grinding, foiling, assembling and soldering stained glass. Each is now ready in Week Two to pursue more advanced expression that will allow their new skills to be refined and perfected in a project of their own choosing.
Week Two

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