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Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Heart of a Dreamweaver

Natalie Goff is responsible for introducing many many people to the art of stained glass. For fifteen years, Natalie has conducted Beginner and Specialty Classes at McMow. Natalie says, "I just really like working with students. It feels so great to witness the pride they feel when they finish a piece they've worked so hard to accomplish."

Natalie draws much inspiriation from her students for her own art glass work. Many of the gorgeous pieces hanging in the McMow gallery were created by Natalie, including this stunning piece recently completed to honor St. Valentine's Day.

It all begins by creating a pattern.
Each piece is cut with precision and care.
Notice how perfectly all the cut pieces fit together.
Each piece is foiled before the lead is soldered on.
Close up view of the foiled pieces in the border.
Proudly hung in the front window at McMow Art Glass. Beautiful!

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